Notes: 2/4/18-2/11/18



  • Focusing on different music styles and their timing
  • Internalizing the clave
  • Listening to more chachacha music


Working without the music to slow down and focus on my technique

How did I spend my time?

  • Lessons/Classes: 1 hour focused on learning timing in Son and guaguancó
  • Practicing Shines/Footwork: N/A
  • Stretching: N/A
  • Drills/exercises:
    • (1 hour) – spent ten or so minutes on a pivoting drill, then used the rest of my time to practice my arms in my basic, correcting weight changes in my basic, and working on my right turn.
  • Social danced: 30ish minutes
  •  2 hours learning a few new instruments and rhythms. Picked up a few percussion instruments and found apps to help timing. Had to keep myself busy somehow. 😉


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