Fun apps

Rhythm and Instruments

the Clave

 the Clave- screenshot thumbnail

How I use it: Played each rhythm for awhile until I got it. Good for hearing and internalizing the clave. (iOS) (Android

PercussionTutor Percussion Tutor

 PercussionTutor- screenshot

Hear different styles of music and isolate rhythms by the instrument. Percussion Tutor also let’s you see the sheet music.   (Android) (iOS) ($)








Percussion Tutor creators created a free app called Rhythm Game (free on iOS).

Salsa Rhythm

Salsa Rhythm (iOS)

Tap Tap Salsa

Game to help learn timing in salsa music. Free on (iOS)

Salsa Music

Salsa Music App

 Salsa Music App- screenshot

I get refreshed from the usual congress/social top tens here. Free (Android) (iOS).

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